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Girl Almighty is a social-emotional and character development program for girls 10 -17 years of age.  We seek to improve the lives of girls worldwide by focusing on building and sustaining healthy self-esteem, developing identity, resilience, and teaching communication/assertiveness skills so girls can grow and protect themselves.  Our goal is to enhance a girl’s understanding of self, promote an attitude of love and service to others and teach girls to behave in manners that support and promote femininity and self-worth well into early adulthood. 



A reflection of one’s sense of value and self-worth. One’s inner dialogue, positive or negative, that shapes our responses, behaviors and experiences.

Health & Hygiene

One’s inner dialogue, positive or negative, that shapes our responses, behaviors and experiences.


One’s choice of response to a situation or spoken word that results in consequences or benefits.

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Groups are held weekly for 2 hours by age: 

Group 1: 10-12 years Group 2: 13-15 years Group 3: 16-17 years 

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Tena L. Malone. Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and president, is committed to improving the psychological health of individuals, GIRLS, and families. She holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Howard University in Washington D.C., and has worked with children, adolescents, juvenile offenders, adults and families. Dr. Malone is a teacher, advocate, and speaker to and for those can achieve, for those can achieve, and for those who can achieve but who need some assistance. 

Dr. Malone has appeared on Atlanta’s V-103 radio show, “Love & Relationships”, KGRM’s “Good Morning Grambling,” Grambling, LA, hosts HEALTHY, WEALTHY, & WISE Health Fair annually and acts as a panelist and speaker for various conferences and organizations across the country. Dr. Malone is also available for workshops and keynote speaking on topics that range from early childhood education and psychiatric disorders to teen pregnancy, depression, domestic violence, sexual abuse and ADHD in children, adolescents and adults.